My fascination with photography began at an early age and has been a part of my life for over fifty years.

As a young lad taking images and exposing film with a camera was the fun part. Waiting for the film to be processed and return not so much.

Throughout my teenage years a camera was almost always close at hand on road trips and family gatherings.

Stints in commercial photography and photographic retailing rounded out my passion for this form of art. Yes an art form based on the use of it’s key element ‘light’ .

Photographers perceive visualize conceptualize and interpret this element to enhance and create images frozen in time.

Landscape and portraiture are my main focus but I love the new darkroom, the digital darkroom and also enjoy doing photo restoration and retouching.

On a side note I am happy to say that some of my passion has rubbed off onto my daughter Alexandria. She has become an extremely talented and very accomplished music photographer.

My website will showcase my passion for photography.